Teaching Philosophy

Good teaching begins with passion. As an educator, I aim to impart my passion for economics by bringing life and meaning to economics and statistics before diving into the math and theory. I strive for my students to obtain a high level of understanding of economics, and I believe it is important for them, regardless discipline, to be able to think like an economist. Knowledge of this discipline is an essential component of a complete education.

I set high standards for students when evaluating students’ understanding of economics while also instilling confidence in them that they are more than capable of being successful if they put in the effort. I have found that this tends to bring out the best in students, whether they are already motivated to learn or need extra encouragement. My approach with students often obviates the need to enforce rules: my students often go above and beyond what is required in the course.

As a teacher who has high expectations of students, I also set high standards for myself. I make myself available to students, reply to their e-mails within the hour if possible, and will rarely let one go unanswered for more than 24 hours. I am always prepared for class ahead of time and create each week's agenda to ensure that students are taught material in an easy-to-follow order. My teaching methods and diligence are things I have developed over years, and I always seek to improve.

Teaching has been one of my highlights of graduate school, and I thoroughly enjoy the experiences and challenges brought on throughout the years!

Selected comments from students